Hey, I'm Jen Du!


I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, multi-discipline artist. The Oscar Awards official - "The Academy" signed artist. 

My modern geometric abstract illustration artwork has been used for advertising campaigns, packagings, art prints, posters, music and book covers, clothings and products for clients from all over the world.

Art Style

My artwork focuses on modern geometric abstractionism. I use geometric shapes and vibrant colors to create abstract landscapes, figures or moods. 


I worked in the architecture industry for more than a decade, which is a big inspiration for me when I creating my artworks.

Before Becoming an Artist

I used to work in architecture design industry for more than a decade. Architecture has a deep impact on my esthetics.

While working I also studied fashion design in BIFT (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology) for a year and got the basic training of sketching and drawing, color series, etc. And then I applied to Parsons the New School for Design for Fashion Studies, successfully got enrolled but did not go to New York eventually because several unfinished projects still needed my help.

Becoming an artist

I started to paint since 2017 , totally self-learning. I tried all kinds of materials, like watercolor, ink, acrylic, oil, etc. and watched tons of Youtube videos and paint a lot. Meanwhile I also learned art history through documentaries, books and visiting museums and galleries frequently, got to know all the painters and their paintings, and the stories behind.

Finding art style

I believe finding your own voice might be the hardest part for all artists. It needs a lot of time of curating through hard working. 

I always obsessed with architecture forms and spaces which relates to my previous working background.  For architects they always use simple lines and shapes to create unlimited interesting spaces, that’s fascinating to me. The idea of "Use limitation to create infinite things" just came to my mind.

After years of exploring my art style I found geometric shapes is the best way to express myself. It is the most simple but complex form, everything relates to it, from the portion of human body to the composition of the universe. Every single line or shape has their own voice and meaning, especially when they come together, there’s always a golden position and ratio for each of them, they could say thousand words, like the note in the music.

Working in Progress

I worked both physically and digitally since 2020 which means I paint real paintings and also use iPad or computer to do digital designs or drawings. But sketching shapes and lines is the first step .

About the color, fashion studies might affect me in a way. Movies, interior designs also gave me a lot of inspirations. I like to create mysterious atmosphere or imaginable place, figure or object.


I'm very sensitive to shapes, it’s kind of strange. Like wood texture, concrete texture, ceramic tile patterns, I could always capture something into an image or figure rather than other people totally ignore it.

About inspiration to start a new work, I thinks keep working and practicing a lot might be the best advice I’ve ever heard from so many successful people. You’ ll get something valuable through practicing on purpose day by day.

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